Spectra7’s industry-leading active cable embedded chip reduces weight, gauge and diameter while carrying the high speed video and deep color payload called for in the latest HDMI 2.0 specification for Ultra HD 4K Displays used in home theater and commercial installations. Spectra7's HT8181 chip drives accelerated commercial availability of the market’s first ultra-slim HDMI 2.0 home entertainment systems. The chip enables high speed interconnects capable of reaching up to 75 feet or reducing cross-sectional area by up to 75% on short reaches over traditional passive cables. These new 18Gbps products expand on Spectra7’s HomeTheater brand products already used in several of the most popular cable brands sold worldwide.

According to leading market research analyst Display Search, more than 500 million 4K displays are expected to ship in 2017; designed into mobile phones, televisions and monitors. In order to expand the application for this new pristine picture quality and faster motion frame rates featured in these next-generation high-resolution displays, super-thin and ultra-long high-bandwidth interconnects are required. Spectra7’s HT8181 chip delivers this critical functionality featuring patented high-speed, active signal processing and power delivery technology, enabling thin cables and compact connectors capable of delivering speeds up to 18Gbps and video resolutions up to 4K60 — key performance attributes of HDMI 2.0 — with no external power required.