Spectra7’s patented AR-9 DreamWeVR reference designs are similar to the VR-9 series, but designed with the AR/MR experience in mind. These products are capable of delivering video, audio, data and power in a unified light, thin, long-reach cable from a mobile host device to a headset. Spectra7’s technology uniquely achieves the most critical consumer requirements including high bandwidth for immersive resolution, near-zero latency and embedded power delivery in a unified cable. The AR9 is Spectra7's most popular and most practical reference design for VR HMD interconnects. The AR-9 is available with USB, HDMI, DisplayPort and auxiliary power connector and protocol options available in two standard designs: The AR-9e, which features an embedded SnapVR connector on the HMD, and the AR-9c, which features a custom connector between the HMD and the interconnect. For more information and AR-9 DreamWeVR reference design datasheets, custom configurations, and other VR series reference designs contact sales@spectra7.com

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