View Your Mobile Device on the Big Screen from Your Couch...Instantly


With CouchConnect®, you can enjoy your favorite apps or content already on your phone, tablet or laptop — photos, videos, games, TV shows and movies — on your large screen HDTV. By embedding Spectra7’s patented high-speed active signal processing silicon technology, CouchConnect® is up to 4 times thinner / longer than current HDMI cables. No more crowding around that tiny screen, at 16.4ft, CouchConnect® lets everyone sit back, watch and enjoy from the comfort of your living room couch. No need to ask the tech guru in your household to set up the wireless network or install yet another new application before you can access your favorite content. Instantly share last night’s episode of your favorite show, real-time streaming content, video of the weekend soccer game, or the pictures your friend just posted on your favorite social media site — all mirrored from your mobile device onto your HDTV, giving you unlimited access to the apps on your device.



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